Geopolitical Problems with Moral Implications

--->Radical Zionist control of Israel and much of the United States Congress and Executive branch such that much of American foreign policy is developed more with the needs/demands of Israel in mind rather than those of the American people. We must demand a clean break from our current foreign policy in which the United States serves as an enabler of Israeli atrocities in the Middle East.

--->Multinational corporate influence and increasing control over US foreign and domestic policy including "too large to fail" Wall Street investment banks, oil and gas companies and weapon's manufacturers. For example, as a result of the Banking Lobby, the financial reform bill was adulterated to the point that it will be a boon to the large investment banks now that it has been passed and signed by President Obama. In similar fashion the Health Care Reform bill was a gift to the Health Insurance corporations due to the power of the Health Insurance Lobby. Americans should continue to register their disgust at the obvious "sell-out" by their elected representatives.

--->Excessive power currently being exercised by the MIMIC (media, intelligence, military industrial complex) over US foreign and domestic policy such that the United States is currently attempting to maintain a global empire through the use of military force and clandestine intelligence operations. Citizens of good will must insist that the American Empire--which can no longer be sustained--is "unwound" in a controlled fashion lest it result in total destruction of the country as a result of economic collapse. Currently, the cost of maintaining the global empire including the close to 1000 foreign military bases exceeds 1 trillion dollars annually.

--->Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and progressive encroachment using illegal settlements in the West Bank and the maintaining of an illegal and immoral blockade of Gaza, all of which is made possible by US financial and military support of Israel. All Americans bear responsibility for what is being done with our resources and in our names. The United States must condemn Israel's immoral and illegal blockade of Gaza and the increasing encroachment on Palestinian land due to settlement building in the West Bank.

--->The constant state of war which has become "normalized" since the Balkan campaign in the early 1990's is not only economically unsustainable but patently immoral. Part of the attempt to maintain a global empire is our constant drive to actively prevent any other nation from gaining access to energy resources and other needed raw materials. It should be unecessary to point out that Just War Doctrinal principles allow for war only in self-defense.