JPH Brief Immorality List (based on Thomistic moral philosophical principles)

Many readers are iniatially suprised at some of the following. The post-modern philosophies of Utilitarianism and Moral Relativism have made it all but impossible for individuals to learn about and practice Traditional morality.

Nevertheless, moral precepts are no more debatable or negotiable than the constants of physics which establish our 4 dimensional universe (3 large spatial dimensions and 1 of time). It is impossible to flout them without suffering extremely negative consequences. This is another way of saying that the Natural (moral) Law is immutable and flows from the same source as that which chose the physical constants of nature. It behooves each of us to recognize these truths and adjust our behavior accordingly that is to act on the certain knowledge of reality as it actually is rather than the utopian alternative reality which is not.


--->Preventive War (so-called Bush Doctrine)

--->Perpetual War

--->Total War

--->Nuclear Weapons (both Strategic and Tactical)

--->Foreign Occupation

--->Most Nation-State Level Sanctions (usually hurt people not ruler's)

--->Biological Weapons

--->Chemical Weapons

--->Use of Depleted Uranium and other radioactive munitions in war

--->Racism (e.g. Radical Zionism in which Arabs are considered sub-human)

--->Paying Laborer's a Non-Living Wage

--->Lack of Medical Care Due to Poverty

--->Any Intentional Killing of an Innocent Human Being (e.g. Abortion, Destructive Embryo Research [DER], Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide)

--->Homosexual Activity including Sodomy and Oral/Genital Sex

--->Any Sexual activity outside of Marriage including Adultery and Fornication

--->No fault divorce laws


--->Occupations of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq

--->Blockade of Gaza

--->UAV attacks in Afghanistan/Pakistan

--->Crippling economic sanctions on Iran


The above are all immoral and of course bear no relationship to whether one is liberal, conservative, left, right, independent or libertarian politically. The immorality of each flows from the fixed nature of human being the "is" which circumscribes the "ought" or "ought-not" as the case may be. Every human being has by virtue of their humanity a claim on the right to life, shelter, sustinance, work, and medical care since they all represent "goods" the absence of which prevent the full realization of each person's humanity. --Dr. J. P. Hubert