A Warning for the Circumspect Reader

As a once moral people, we have lost our way. Our country is rapidly becoming a failed state which increasingly resembles the Roman Empire just before it fell. All of the major indicators now spell disaster and yet the elite's "continue to fiddle while ‘Rome Burns.'"

The fundamental underlying problem is our gross immorality and absolute unwillingness to abide by the Natural (Moral) Law. No nation can long survive without an adherence to the Natural Law as its principles are immutable. Any vain attempt to ignore it or change it--ends in death of the nation as well as the individual. We will not be the first to avoid that fate.

Our only hope is to reject the Utilitarianism and Moral Relativism that has brought us to this tragic end and once again accept the Natural Law as our guiding code of moral behavior.

Politics as usual cannot save us from the end of American empire abroad or the increasingly evident police state being built at home. Life as we have known it is over. Our only hope is a profound re-ordering of our orientation (what Christian's understand as conversion) to the author of the Natural Law and a rededication to the moral commitments we owe our fellow men.

Since both major political parties have been purchased by special interest groups who routinely flout the Natural (moral) Law, only a massive grass roots populist movement in favor of returning the nation to a Natural Law ethic is likely to be successful. This will be extremely difficult given the virtual monopoly that the elite media has over the national agenda. Most Americans have no idea that Traditional morality has been replaced by a "might makes right" pseudo-ethic controlled by the oligarchical Regime currently in power.

I would be less than candid if I did not admit that barring Divine intervention the dye has already been cast and that the status quo which so benefits the elites will be maintained until the last dying breath of empire is expended. Wisdom implores the sober to prepare a place of refuge.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert