Presidential Administrations Terminated/Begun by National Security State

John F. Kennedy--Assassination ended it, a violent "coup-de-tat."

Lyndon B. Johnson--Assassination of JFK started it, (LBJ immediately reversed Vietnam pullout ordered by JFK's NASAM #263. US military leadership strongly supported LBJ's buildup and land-war in Vietnam).

Richard M. Nixon--Watergate ended it, appears to have been a CIA directed "set-up." Nixon threatened Big Oil with end of oil depletion allowance and allegedly began investigating CIA's role in JFK Assassination. Nixon was unwilling to maintain constant "war-footing" and like JFK threatened the MIC (military industrial complex) by ending the Vietnam War.

Jimmy Carter--October Surprise primarily responsible for ending Carter administration. GHW Bush and William Casey (Reagan campaign manager) directed the October Surprise as part of Reagan election campaign deal with Iranian's to delay the Hostage release until after the election. In so doing Casey and Bush on behalf of the Reagan campaign interferred with formal US hostage negotiations with Iran--a federal crime. Carter made to look impotent lost the election.

Ronald Reagan--October Surprise primarily responsible for starting it, GHW Bush became VP, William Casey head of CIA. Throughout Reagan's 8 years in office, the national security state was involved in multiple illegal clandestine actions for which Reagan was not held responsible.

George W. Bush---US Supreme Court responsible for first term, voting irregularities in Ohio resulted in second term. Anthrax attacks on Congress in wake of 9/11 found to have eminated from Fort Detrick bioweapon's research lab strongly suggest covert US intelligence operation to pressure Democratic leadership into passing Patriot Act (Senator Leahy, and Senator Dashle who were holding up its passage, each received anthrax-laced letters). At the very least, the official explanation for the 9/11 attacks is completely untenable, suggesting the US national security state played some role in carrying it out or at least allowing it to occur. More and more evidence indicates that it was a classic "false flag" operation.

For much of the past 60 years (dating to the formation of the CIA in the wake of WWII), the US National Security State has conducted an extra-constitutional assault on our Representative Democratic Republic. No doubt the Founder's would no longer recognize the fledgling nation they started.