Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fascist Police State Fills Vaccuum Created by Destruction of Traditional Morality

For much of the past 60 years (dating to the formation of the CIA in the wake of WWII), the US National Security State has conducted an extra-constitutional assault on our Representative Democratic Republic. No doubt the Founder's would no longer recognize the fledgling nation they started.

Recall that George Washington warned the young nation against maintaining a standing army. Dwight Eisenhower warned about the growing threat of the military industrial complex (MIC). John F. Kennedy spoke about the power of secret societies. To all of that must in the wake of 9/11 be added the corporate owned virtually monopolistic main stream media and the ever growing massive intelligence apparatus. The entire amalgam is now colloquially known as the MIMIC (media, intelligence, military industrial complex).

In a myriad of ways, the US is being not so slowly transformed into a fascist police state--the natural outgrowth in a sense of the almost total destruction of traditional morality. As the moral conscience of the nation is destroyed ever more repressive laws must be enacted to control the actions of the populace. In a moral vaccuum, there can never be enough police or laws to serve as a substitute for each person's individual moral restraint.

As many have observed, the Obama administration has continued along the same tragectory as that of the Bush 8 year Presidency only at a faster pace--creating new powers and interpretations of existing statutes. Note that American citizens can now be terminated (read killed) on suspicion of being a "terrorist" threat to "national security" by order of the President without judicial review. This power to eliminate Americans is now exercisable by Presidential fiat within the borders of the United States. For more see THIS... and THIS...