Friday, October 29, 2010

Update on Judyth Vary Baker's Book: Ed Haslam Interviewed by Professor Jim Fetzer

Famed Surgeon and Former Head of American Cancer Society Engaged in Crimes Against Humanity if Judyth Vary Baker's Allegations are True!

Since my previous post, noted JFK Assasination researcher and author Professor James H. Fetzer has completed a fascinating radio interview with Ed Haslam the author of Dr. Mary's Monkey (Waterville, Oregon, Trine Day LLC, 2007) regarding Judyth Vary Baker's new book; Me and Lee (Waterville, Oregon, Trine Day LLC, 2010).
Ed Haslam has provided an incredible radio summary of Judyth's book which has further improved my understanding of the material covered in Me and Lee. I wholeheartedly recommend the radio interview to readers. At this point I have only a few additional questions I would appreciate obtaining the answers to.

One of the most egregious and unethical things ever to have been done to an impressionable young and burgeoning medical scientist is what Dr. Alton Ochsner allegedly did to Judyth Vary Baker after she objected on moral grounds to the testing of their bioweapon on unsuspecting prisoner's. He purportedly not only ended her career in Medicine but threatened to do physical harm to her if she did not complete her part of the project at the Prison and remain quiet about what she had been involved in.

If Judyth Vary Baker's testimony is true, Ochsner violated international humanitarian as well as US law by directing that prisoners be injected with the weaponized cancer causing virus in the absense of their consent and violated the Hippocratic oath he undoubtedly took as a physician to first "do no harm." 

The actions ostensibly undertaken by David Ferrie in clandestinely injecting prisoner's with the cancer-causing virus at Dr. Alton Ochsner's request was a crime against humanity, one which is comparable to the Nazi human experiments so forcefully  repudiated at the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal after World War II.

It bears repeating, It is always and everywhere morally wrong to intentionally harm a patient irrespective of the circumstances. The alleged prisoners in question  were utilized as human test animals the result of which was their death(s). In this case, a successful human experiment would of necessity demand the death of the subject--a situation which is beyond the pale for any  medical doctor to have been involved in let alone one of such fame and professional reputation.  It is truly unfortunate that this case was not brought to the Hague or other international criminal court of justice. Presumably, Dr. Alton Ochsner could be tried in absentia even at this late date.

Haslam who edited and wrote the forward to Judyth's book firmly believes in the truthfulness of her claims as does Professor Fetzer, and acclaimed JFK Assassination author Jim Marrs.

To listen to the interview, proceed HERE...

Needless to say, Judyth's story would make an excellent sequel to Oliver Stone's movie JFK as would the material which Ed Haslam presented in his book Dr. Mary's Monkey.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert, MD FACS

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