Monday, November 8, 2010

Dylan Ratigan Asks: Is it Time for Revolution?

Today on his MSNBC TV show entitled the "DR Show", Dylan Ratigan explained that only 6 basic industries control the entire government of the United States through their ability to purchase both political parties. They include:

1) Telecommunications
2) Energy
3) Health Care
4) Agriculure
5) Banking
6) Defense

Ratigan showed that the top 1% of Americans now own 24% of the nation's wealth, a rate which exceeds other developed countries. The income disparity in the United States is now at historic proportions. For example, the ratio between CEO pay and that of the average worker now exceeds 500:1. As recently as 50 years ago during the administration of John F. Kennedy, that ratio was 40:1.

This situation is morally unjust and is unsustainable. If it is allowed to continue, the famed American middle class will all but disappear and with it this country. Ratigan demonstrated successfully that the United States now qualifies as a "Bananna Republic" similar to others frequently mentioned among third world nations based upon commonly accepted indicators perhaps the most important of which is our move from being a creditor to a debtor nation.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

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