Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's Your Moral Philosophy: Financial Survival of the Fittest?

Plutocrats Practice Rank Utilitarianism--goal is to become filthy rich while bankrupting the nation!

As Professor Hudson outlines in the preceeding piece, the plutocrats have all but won the class struggle and in so doing have almost completely succeeded in converting the United States into a true third world nation while amassing unconsionable wealth through debt creation. The debt in question has effectively been transferred to the lower classes. Eventually it will become clear that it can never be repaid. That is when the dollar will become worthless and foreign countries will refuse to lend us any more money i.e., no one will buy our Treasury Bonds. At that point the country will either be balkanized into several regional superstates or conquered by a new Superpower.

In the meantime, in an attempt to delay the day of reckoning, our feckless Congress and Executive branch will predictably try to decrease the budget deficit and the national debt by cutting back on entitlements including Medicare and Social Security. The trillion dollar plus per year war budget will not be touched since it is too lucrative a source of funds for many of the plutocrats who make up the MIMIC (media/intelligence/military/industrial/complex).

The plutocrats however will do just fine because by then they will have moved all of their money "off-shore", having found other geographical locations from which to base their operations. It matters little to them where they physically reside after all. In fact, much of the "smart money" has been moved off-shore already along with the off-shoring of US manufacturing and out-sourcing of US jobs. So much for the inevitable "globalization" the rubric under which this gigantic wealth transfer has taken place. It is as vacuous a concept in practice as "free trade" and "free market capitalism." Follow the money and it is apparent that one and only one entity has benefitted from them all--the super rich.

We must now realize that unadulterated greed on behalf of the ruling class has become their singular goal, or "end." The "means" to that end is the wealth transfer which the executive and legislative branches keep in place through their refusal to enact real financial reform. It is a simple means/end equation analysis for the plutocrats. Their only driving force is to acquire more money and the power which it brings, virtually any "means" to that end is acceptable to them. Americans of more modest means must accept that the plutocrats could care less about their plight or whether the United States of America survives as an intact nation. We must follow the evidence where it actually leads and that unfortunately is the unvarnished truth.

With the recent Supreme Court decision HERE...
allowing virtually unlimited corporate contributions to political candidates without the need for full disclosure, the total purchase of Congress by the wealthy has been accomplished. Barring a complete reversal and move to a government financed election system in which individuals and corporations would be prevented from contributing to political campaigns, it is difficult to imagine how the current situation can be altered. The very people in Congress who must change the system are bought and paid for by those whose interest lies in maintaining the status quo.

A grass-routes massive wave of populism not controlled by either major political party might be the only non-violent way in which to attempt to alter the increasingly disastrous national trajectory.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

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