Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Reader Asks: "When did Things Start Going South?"

This is not your Grandfather's America:

A motivated reader asked how things could have gotten to this point in the United States. Unfortunately, it largely dates to the end of WWII when Congress passed the National Security Act and in 1947 the former OSS was refashioned as the CIA. In the wake of Congressional action, the National Security Council was established which along with the CIA's clandestine services "branch" initiated a 60+ year slide into extra-constitutional government.

The heinous murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963 by his own National Security State marks the beginning of rule by shadow government the so-called "MIMIC" which has presided over the creation of a global empire and the Pax Americana which JFK rejected in the interest of true Peace. His undeniable turn away from constant war marked him for Assassination. A trillion+ dollar/year military budget has been utilized to enforce/maintain American hegemony throughout the world. Readers will not hear of it in the "Elite Media" which has been completely co-opted by the MIMIC.

It is tragic that both political parties in the United States are controlled by the MIMIC. To a large extent it is immaterial which party controls Congress or the White House. Should any President or candidate for President begin to threaten the ruling oligarchy, the fate which befell President Kennedy likely awaits them. The implications are obvious.

For those readers who wish to learn more about the Shadow/silent government which began in 1947 see the slide show carousel of recommended reference works featured on this site.