Friday, January 21, 2011

Huffington Post Joins CIA Controlled "Main Stream Media"

By: Dr. J. P. Hubert

After 6 years, the Huffington Post has become indistinguishable from the rest of the CIA controlled main stream media. Case in point; recently Howard Fineman, (formerly of Newsweek Magazine and an MSNBC contributor) became a senior editor "overseeing and steering The Huffington Post's political coverage from its Washington bureau." 

Fineman is an extremely influential member of the elite media who can be counted upon to faithfully parrot the CIA's current "party-line" along with his ideological kindred spirit, Chris Matthews ("Hard Ball", MSNBC), albeit from what will appear to be a more left wing portion of the political spectrum.

Extent of Intelligence Service Capture of Elite Media

This writer has long suspected that Chris Matthews and Bob Woodward are both CIA cutout's/agents (it is well known that Woodward began his career in Naval Intelligence as did Lee Harvey Oswald who is now known to have been a US intelligence double agent not an actual defector to the USSR). All three (Woodward, Matthews, and Fineman) and now the Huffington Post can be counted upon to  disallow serious discussion of conspiracy theories e.g. the JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations, 911, or the true nature of the Apartheid regime of modern Israel and the deleterious effect US support for its ethnic cleansing policies in the West Bank and Gaza have on US national Security. These topics are verboten among the elite media which henceforth includes the Huffington Post

Conspiracy theorist Bob Fox recently wrote an article entitled "The Huffington Hoax" for an excerpt from which follows:
"The MSM (including The Huffington Post) as a whole does not want the truth of the JFK assassination or the events of 9/11 ever to come out. Why? Because they are almost as guilty as the forces that truly committed those heinous crimes. Why? Because they helped cover up the true facts about what really happened during those events. It's too late now to come clean. That is why the Discovery Channel has put out their attempt at disinformation with recent shows about the JFK assassination on the network."

It appears that Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC who is also a writer for the Huffington Post has not yet been totally captured by the US intelligence apparatus.  If he persists in his current truth-telling activities, Ratigan's career will likely be negatively impacted in one form or another. At present his insights vis a vis the 6 trans-national corporate entities that control Congress through campaign contributions is "spot-on." Whether by accident or good fortune, it is still possible to occassionally find news/commentary of value at the Huffington Post although it no doubt will become increasingly more difficult as time goes on as Bob Fox has argued.

Fineman: Barack Obama is a Center-left President

At his new postion with the Huffington Post we can be sure that Howard Fineman will do nothing to threaten the "Regime's" ultimate control.  He will continue to claim no doubt that Barack Obama is a center-left President while in reality, the current President is to the right of George W. Bush on American foreign policy (read "war-making") and more fascist than either Bush or Cheney on suspension of the human rights of individual American citizens.

Obama Falsely Depicted as a Left-Wing Socialist

Fineman's portrayal of Barack Obama is largely synonymous with the views of the Tea Party and other members of the more traditional neoconservative/neofascist right-wing who persist in falsely portraying President Obama as a democratic Socialist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama has been more supportive of the so-called Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street, and the Health Insurance monopoly than George W. Bush ever was. He is in fact a great friend of "Big-Business" despite the fact that the business (in order to support the fiction that he is a socialist) community persistently labels him a left-wing socialist. The more Big-Business complains about how anti-business Obama is, the easier it is for him to do their bidding. The sophistry involved is truly breathtaking.

Operation Mockingbird Still in Effect

As many readers are aware, decades ago Operation Mockingbird was instituted by the CIA in an attempt to enlist members of the elite media in its quest to control American news coverage in a way that was completely supportive of its largely clandestine/immoral activities. Recall that Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post documented the extent of this infiltration over 30 years ago in his extensive article for Rolling Stone, October, 20, 1977.

Today, the major broadcast, cable TV and print outlets are all under the control of the "Regime." The Huffington Post is one of the largest and first internet based alternative media entities to come under the control of the MIMIC (media, intelligence, military, industrial, complex). Given that attempts are being successfully made to further restrict internet freedom under the guise of insuring it, the recent co-opting of the Huffington Post by US intelligence ala Operation Mockingbird is disturbing and probably indicative of a worrisome trend.

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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

The Huffington Post has long been Associated with the Nation, Mother Jones, Democracy Now, Ms Magazine and other so-called "alternative media" funded by so-called "left gatekeeper foundations" (e.g. Ford, McCarthur, Annenberg, among others) that the CIA funnels money to. The late activist Sherman Skolnick first identified that the CIA was funding both left and right wing activism by studying foundation tax returns in the 80s and 90s. His work has been carried on by Barry Zwicker, Bob Feldman and others. I blog about this at