Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Says Global War on Terror is a Hoax!

Editor's NOTE:

Radio personality Alex Jones has conducted extensive interviews of Dr. Steve Pieczenik in the wake of the US government's claim to have killed Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011. Pieczenik is an MD and Phd who has worked for multiple US Presidents.

Jones was told by Pieczenik in 2002 that bin Laden was killed in December of 2001 and that his body was kept preserved for possible future use. Jones also claims to have been informed by 2 other separate White House sources that corroborate Pieczenik's story.

On Pieczenik May 3 told Alex Jones that he was informed by a high ranking US general that 911 was the result of a classic "false-flag" operation which included a stand-down of US forces. 

Pieczenik also claims that bin Laden had Marfan's Syndrome as well as renal failure and died of his medical problems prior to our invasion of Afghanistan.

Pieczenik alleges that President Obama is beholden to the "High Cabal" primarily the international banking cartel.

Pieczenik said: "America needs a second (peaceful) revolution."  He believes that both major political parties have been corrupted.
I encourage readers to listen to the following video:

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