Monday, May 2, 2011

US says Osama bin Laden Dead: Body Already Disposed of at Sea!

Editor's NOTE:

The claims made in the piece below do not pass muster. Given that September 11, 2001 experts like David Ray Griffin and others purport that Osama bin Laden has been dead since the late fall of 2001, it would have behooved the US government to show pictures of the "dead bin Laden" and to have been totally transparent about the method and means by which they identified his body. The excuse that he must be buried within 24 hours due to Islamic burial practice/tradition is a non-starter given the magnitude of his alleged offenses.

Worse yet is that he was buried at sea so that it would be impossible to exhume the body later on if DNA and other test results were brought into question--assuming that they were done at all. (Editor: as of Monday afternoon May 2, Obama administration official John Brennan stated in a press conference held at the White House that DNA analysis was done and was 99.9% positive for the body of Osama bin Laden. When asked why only 99.9% positive, Brennan continued his exit from the room without answering on the record. No information was provided about how the tests were performed, by whom or under what conditions, meaning; at this point we must simply take their word for it. Brennan refused a definitive answer when asked if the Obama administration would provide pictures of bin Laden's dead body, stating that the matter was still under consideration).

News reports had stated that a decision was made in advance not to capture bin Laden alive but instead to kill him. (Editor: at the above referenced WH news conference, John Brennan indicated that the American Seal Team who carried out the mission was prepared either to take bin Laden prisoner or to kill him if necessary, claiming that bin Laden refused to be captured alive and therefore was executed along with his son and wife).

In any case, there is now no way to have him tried in a US court.  No evidence will ever be brought forth regarding Osama bin Laden's alleged role in the 911 attacks and there will be no opportunity to cross examine witnesses. The evidence of bin Laden's guilt for 911 (that former Secretary of State Colin Powell promised the American people) has not and apparently will never be produced. Moreover the FBI, apparently for lack of evidence, had never formally charged bin Laden with the 911 attacks, yet the Bureau had no problem acusing him of other terrorist attacks.

This has all the elements of a psychological intelligence (psy-op) operation designed to mislead the populace perhaps related to the current unrest in the Middle East or the need to beging removing US troops from Afghanistan.

Stay tuned.

Why Was Bin Laden Buried At Sea So Quickly?

By: Glen Levy
Time News Feed
May 2, 2011

After spending many years hunting down the world's most wanted man, why did the U.S. bury Osama bin Laden at sea within 24 hours of killing him?

The reason is bound up within Islamic practice and tradition. And that practice calls for the body of the deceased to be buried within 24 hours, according to a U.S. official, who spoke Monday on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive national security matters.

"We are ensuring that it is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition," confirmed the official. "This is something that we take very seriously. And so therefore this is being handled in an appropriate manner."

But the lingering question is why at sea? The official said that finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted terrorist would have been difficult, so the decision was made to bury bin Laden at sea. Furthermore, one suspects that the U.S. would not have wanted there to be a physical grave site for fear of it turning into a place of worship for bin Laden's followers. (Editor: More nonsense here. It was not necessary to bury the alleged bin Laden anywhere until proper forensic examination by multiple unbiased pathologists was completed in a transparent and documented fashion) There are rumors, however, that the U.S. asked Saudi Arabia to take the body (bin Laden was born in Saudi) but they allegedly refused. (Editor: more rumor and inuendo, no facts, all suggests a massive psy-op)

It's also believed that DNA testing would have been carried out beforehand to verify that the body was that of bin Laden, (Editor: what a vacuous comment. The question is whether proper DNA testing was carried out or not) as well as being proof against any conspiracy claims that could emanate to suggest that his death didn't take place. The exact location of the burial was not revealed. (via ABC)

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